The BEST activities to get yourself in the Christmas mood

The BEST activities to get yourself in the Christmas mood

Well, here we are… It’s DECEMBER!

(You’re going to have to imagine Mariah’s ‘All I want for Christmas’ playing thought this blog post. Thanks)

The beginning of December can be a mixed bag of emotions, and everyone has an opinion on how we should feel about the start of the festive season. Some embrace the festivities full force and start decorating on the stroke of midnight on December 1st. Others…. are not so enthusiastic.

Myself, I fit somewhere in the middle. I’m lucky enough to be graced with two “Christmas seasons” each year, due to the e-commerce world I work in. We have to prepare, photograph and finalise all Christmas related points of business much earlier on in the year. It does give my friends and family a giggle when I’m talking to them about ‘how stressful Christmas is this year’ while the temperatures are in the 30s and everyone else is concerned about BBQs and other summertime activities!

This means that by the time December rolls around I generally have a little bit of a hard time psych-ing myself back up for it.

So without further ado (strange word) Here are my top activities which never fail to get me feeling all warm and fuzzy and filled with sugar plum dreams.

The BEST activities to get you in the Christmas mood

Go to a Christmas Market

This has to be one of the quickest ways to get your heart full of Christmas joy! In Lincoln, we are lucky to host to one of the largest Christmas markets in Europe. But, as with nearly everything in life, size doesn’t matter for this one! (f’nar f’nar) Even if it’s your little local village’s yearly market, getting out in the cold in a hat gloves and scarf set, mulled wine in hand and slowly meandering around some lovely craft and food stalls simply can not fail to get the Christmas spirit jump-started within you.

Festive meal deals!

This one is easily achievable, even while chugging away at your day job. All the supermarkets bring out their own festive themed sandwiches, wraps at this time of year. Grab a turkey, cranberry and brie sarnie and have a mini Christmas party for one!

Christmas playlists for driving

Get yourself onto Spotify (or other streaming services) and find yourself a festive playlist to keep you company on the commute. There will be hundreds of playlists already created by fellow crimbo enthusiasts. There will undoubtedly be something for everyone’s taste. There are the classics, the more modern pop greats, festive Movie soundtracks, Indie alternative Christmas lists even Metal makes an appearance if that’s what you prefer.

Watch some Vlogmas Youtube vids

Now is absolutely THE time of year to fill your boots with festive online content. All the major Youtubers (and a lot of the smaller ones) take part in ‘Vlogmas’ which means that us lucky viewers get a new video from our subscriptions every-goshdarn-day! I can personally recommend the following judging from last year’s offerings…





Fairy lights EVERYWHERE

Now that LED fairy lights are so blimmin’ cheap (and far more energy friendly) there is no excuse to not go crazy and cover everything you own in them. In our house, they go on the staircase, behind the TV, around computer monitors, around the windows, on the kitchen hob extractor, even on Dave’s bicycle! If we had a cat, it would be illuminated.

Go Late Night Shopping. Without the… shopping.

I’m not really into the massive consumerism that has been attached to Christmas. Don’t get me wrong, I love giving and receiving gifts; we just don’t ever go overboard in our family. No piles and piles of future landfill for us, thank you. However, I can highly recommend going out in the evening if your town or city had a Late night shopping night (this seasonal delight might be more local to where I am, I’m sure a lot of larger cities have late night shopping as standard).

Not even to shop! Have a walk around the streets, listen to the Christmas music and fill your eyeballs with the lovely twinkly lights and decorations. Maybe go for a meal or a few drinks in a city bar. Just being out in this atmosphere with good friends is truly heartwarming

Get Planning right now!

Write your lists and check them twice! Get Christmas shopping and planning sorted early and you’ll not only be thanking yourself come mid-December, but you will inevitably soak up some festive spirit along the way. And once it is all done, you can truly relax and get to the fun stuff!

Book yourself some ‘Me’ time

If you enjoy baking, make time to bake some festive goodies.  If you enjoy Playing computer games, book in timeslots to do so. If you like to crochet, make sure to set aside some time each week to do just this!. You can see what I’m getting at.

In December, it is so easy to get swept along with constant socialising, tasks and general busy-ness that it can get a little overwhelming. If you book in some absolute timeslots for doing something JUST FOR YOU, you will be so glad you did by the big day.

Tidy and clean the whole house

This sounds contradictory to the last point. But hear me out, ‘kay?

If you put aside a few hours (or a whole day if you live your life like we do… the shame) to tidy clean and vacuum your whole house top-to-bottom, your house will inevitably feel a lot more cosy and festive. Just imagine, walking into your home after a long day of work, to be greeted with a pristinely tidy living room that is doused in a soft fairly light glow, and that smells like a beautiful Air-wick festive-spice plugin?  Yeah, thank me later!

Christmas Movies – obvs

This one is such a given I would be surprised if you haven’t done this already. Grab your favourite Christmas flicks, settle down on your lovely (and tidy!) sofa with a bucket of popcorn and a festive hot-chocolate…et répétez

That is it for me today! Let me know what you get up to to get yourself in the festive mood!

Thank you so much for reading

Love, Beccy May


The BEST activities to get yourself in the Christmas mood

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