Disney Tsum Tsum Advent calendar 2017 – Days 1-5

Disney Advent 2017

Happy 5th of December to you!

This year, I spent my own actual adult money on a toy advent calendar. Because why-the-hell not!

I love Disney Tsum Tsums a lot. My limited disposable income is probably the only reason that I don’t have a whole room full of them. I have a few mini plush ones and a couple of the little vinyl figures from the mystery blind bags. My absolute fave is my little plush Jiminy Cricket who watches over me and acts as my blogging conscience while I type this at my desk.

This year I dithered far too long over whether to purchase the mini plush Tsum Tsum advent calendar and by the time I decided I wanted it, they were all gone. It sold out a lot slower this year but I really couldn’t justify spending £60 on toys! So I got the vinyl version instead. Under half the price and I could use Topcashback.co.uk to earn money back from my purchase. Justified.


I’m going to post occasionally as part of blogmas showing what is behind the doors of this year’s vinyl calendar. I’ll do it in little groups so It’s not too boring though! (I hope)

Without further ado… Here are the treats I received from days 1-5!

Day one was A beautiful, smiley ‘Joy’ from Inside Out. How apt is that for the Christmas season! She is medium sized.

Day two brought me a teeny tiny Tinkerbell. SO frikkin’ cute!

Day three contained a Christmas wreath/cookie star shape, with a hole in the middle that fits the smallest Tsum Tsums. So I popped Tink in there for now.

Day four was a large Sven. This door also had a reindeer headband for Sven to wear 😀

And finally, day Five brought me… Santa Micky! He’s my favourite so far. He is the same size as Joy has a little gold star on the side of his santa outfit. 🙂

So here we go! Days one to five all done and dusted. I’m so happy with the little collection so far and can’t wait to see what else is in store!


Thank you so much for reading!

Love, Beccy May.


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