DIY Heated Faux-Fur Blanket. Make your own and save some cash!

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In this post, I will be taking you through the steps I took to create my very own DIY Heated Faux-Fur Blanket. Hooray!

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Just before Christmas, I started to see a lot of electric blanket style throws popping up in shops. And I WANTED one.

We already have electric blankets on our bed, so I’m already a full convert to these miracle devices. I don’t care if it makes it seem like my boyfriend and I have prematurely entered senior citizen status… we’re warm and that’s all that matters to me!

Dreamland Relaxwell 16232 Intelliheat Luxury Heated Faux Fur Throw in Alaskan Husky
Dreamland Relaxwell 16232 Intelliheat Luxury Heated Faux Fur Throw in Alaskan Husky

There were a few beautiful faux fur blankets around that I coveted quite hard. Mainly beauties like these that keep appearing up everywhere, but unfortunately cost many pennies to purchase. And at this time of year, pennies are very hard to come by. (Post-Christmas pinch, super early December pay, and insurance renewal month all combined… gah!)

Relaxwell By Dreamland Intelliheat Faux Fur Heated Throw
Relaxwell By Dreamland Intelliheat Faux Fur Heated Throw

But just look at how happy these models are! All cosy with their mugs of steaming hot (what I’m assuming is) straight vodka. And neither of them appears to be too far beyond 30 years of age, win!



I decided that one of these miracle blankets needed to be in my life. However, with the aforementioned cashflow… ahem issues, I would have to find a way… somehow! *rubs crafty-hands together with glee*

DIY Heated Faux-Fur Blanket

With it being January, there are a lot of discounts at the moment that I can take advantage of for this DIY. I ended up getting a lovely faux fur blanket from Sainsbury’s Homeware section for a meagre £15. Its a really lovely quality, fantastically soft and has a velvety backing material. Perfect for this project! (Similar blankets available hereAlso, it is the perfect colour for our home. WIN!

Here is the blanket I bought, I believe it is a Double Bed size at 125x150cm

Make sure when purchasing the blanket that the two layers can be separated easily. (as you can see in the above picture)

Luckily, this blanket was only stitched around the edges and had four small stitches a little further in to secure the two layers in place.

Some have a double stitched border or quilted-style stitching. Which, though not impossible to unpick, would be a right pain. Choose your blanket wisely!

This Silentnight electric blanket was also in the January Sales. Hooray! It is the perfect size for the fur throw I bought. You need the electric blanket to be smaller than the fur throw, so you can comfortably fit it inside.

And this is all I needed for the rest of the project. A couple of packets of ‘Hook and Loop Tape‘ *cough-velcro-cough* and my trusty bargain basement sewing kit. This sewing kit has been one of my best purchases, it contains nearly everything you need for small-scale projects and quick fixes. Highly recommended.

With all my supplies in hand, it’s time to get started!

Starting with one of the shorter edges, I unpicked the seam with my unpicker tool. Leaving a couple of inches at each end so the rest of the blanket didn’t start to unravel.

I secured the ends of the opening with a couple of stitches to strengthen and prevent any tearing or further seam splitting. As mentioned above I also unpicked the 4 securing stitches that are further towards the middle of the blanket at this stage.

In the BEAUTIFUL photo above, you can see that I now turned the blanket inside out. This exposes the other three seams and gives me a surface to attach the electric blanket.

Most electric blankets come with some form of elastic or cord which is usually used to secure them to the bed. I don’t need these so I trimmed them off.

While we’re talking about trimming, here is a good time to say be VERY careful if you decide to follow this DIY and re-purpose an electric blanket for your own cosy comfort. The clue is in the name ELECTRIC blanket. DO NOT attempt to change any of the electrical heating elements or wiring of the original blanket.

Snipping of these strings was the only change I made to the blanket it’self, which is safe to do. Just don’t go sticking needles, cutting, re-shaping, sewing, pinning the blanket it’self. It is dangerous. You have been warned!

Disclaimer out of the way, I’m now onto marking out where I want to fasten the velcro to the blanket. This is double sided sticky velcro; I am going to use it to keep the blanket in place and stop it sliding around inside the throw.

I stuck the electric blanket to the inside-out throw using this pattern, and once it was done I flipped the throwback out the right way, now with the electric blanket secured on the inside! Yay! (Pro tip! I had to stomp on the sticky velcro a little to make sure it was firmly attached to both the blanket and throw. Like all the professionals do I’m sure.)

These two THOUROUGHLY BREATHTAKING photographs (I’m a professional, doncha know!) show that after re-stitching the open edge of the throw closed, I added two securing stitches either side of where the cord for the power and temperature control poke out. I am pointing to them.

I wanted to make sure this part was doubly secure as the area will take quite a bit of stress as the blanket is eventually moved around from sofa to office… to bed… to work.

Yeah, I’m going to take this thing with me everywhere!

A note on re-sewing the blanket together: I wasn’t overly careful with this stitching. I guess you can be if you have more patience, but I learned that the fluffy fabric is incredibly forgiving of sloppy stitch-work. the fur covers all sins and you cant really see the stitching at all. Thank goodness!

DIY Heated Faux-Fur Blanket outcome

Ta daaaah! one home-made, cheap as chips, heated faux fur throw!

I’m so pleased with the outcome of this DIY. I have tried the blanket out a couple of times and it works a treat. The different heat settings are really useful so I’m glad I got an electric blanket with this feature.

One downside is that there are warning labels on the electric blanket that say never to switch on while the blanket folded, as it is an overheating risk. This is fine, but it’s something to remember when bundling up on the sofa with it. Don’t get too scrunchy!

It works well as a throw to spread over the sofa to sit on top of too. The heat is gentle but also enough to keep you nice and cosy as you take in another tv Box-set or four.

As for the DIY, it was super simple to make, I would class this as a beginner project for sure. Plenty of room for improvement depending on skill level too. You could potentially stitch a line of velcro into the opening you make to allow the blanket to be removed for cleaning. I’m thinking I may try this if my stitching fails me.

Overall, this DIY cost me around £30 (give or take a few squids). Saving me potentially £70-£90 when compared to over £100-£120 for a pre-made one… I must be winning, right?

What do you think? Would you try this DIY? What would you do differently?

Thank you so much for reading!


Beccy May xxx

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