Fellow Anon Blogger: A Little Encouragement

Happy Sunday to ya,

Recently, I saw this simple yet eloquent tweet from the lovely Patricia Bright and thought I need to share:

If like me, you fear the inevitable day that one of your friends or work colleagues tells you they found your blog. Or WORSE even, overhear some friends or work colleagues talking about your blog behind you back (and let’s face it, this is more likely). Remember these words. I certainly will try to.

The silly thing is, I’m not embarrassed by anything I put out here… If I was, I wouldn’t post it. For this very reason, my @BeccyMayBlog Insta account is almost empty (and has approx 18756 fully edited selfies stored in the drafts).

I don’t think of myself as a ‘Blogger’ as such, more like ‘a person with a blog, who likes to document certain parts of their life and maybe help others along the way’… but that is not as catchy. Nevertheless, I feel like there is a pressure to defend my choices of starting something like this. It’s hard to put into words, but I feel like I need to be successful… or earn money from my blog to be able to defend it as a hobby? Which is a load of rubbish really.

Rubbish it may be, however, this does not stop the lump in my throat and the butterflies fluttering in my stomach everytime I fear that I have been rumbled and my ‘alter ego’ revealed!!

So going forward, I am pledging that I am going to transcend my online embarrassment and do what I want without fear. Afterall… life is too short.

Short but sweet, but like I said…. somethings are nice to document. Even if they are half-baked shower thoughts on a Sunday afternoon.

Do you keep your blog a secret from your IRL friends? What reasons do you have for this? (not that you need one. obvs.)

Thank you for reading!

Love, Beccy May.



  1. workingsbm

    I blog anonymously too though It is hard to keep the identity protection up. For friends and family who have found me, I’ve found that they are not that interested, which is harder to take than their not knowing. Guess I’m too niche. 😃 Keep writing and putting yourself out there.

    1. Post

      Yeah, I feel like you can’t really conceal your identity that much these days. If someone wants to find you, they will.
      I can imagine that it is hard and maybe a little bit of a surprise to find out that people aren’t particularly interested either! I will deffo keep going, thank you for your kind words 🙂

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