First Fallout Crate from Lootcrate. Unboxing and Review.

fallout crate unboxing review

On a whim last July I decided to pre-order a subscription box from Lootcrate. I’m not sure how I got on their mailing list but their targeting was spot on. The email came through with a little teaser video styled perfectly like the opening scenes from any of the Fallout games, then pans out to reveal the beautiful FALLOUTCRATE.

I was very excited.

I dread to think how many hours of my life have so-far been dedicated to the Fallout universe. If I’m not playing, I’m watching my boyfriend play. If not that, I’m likely to be reading up on some part of the rich Fallout lore or watching a stunningly detailed Oxhorn video on YouTube. Yeah. Pretty obsessed!

It was a looooong time between pre-ordering to receipt of the first box. In fact, it was originally promised before Christmas 2017, though an email at the beginning of December confirmed that … ya… that this was not going to happen.

My box finally arrived at the very end of January and ohmygosh it was WORTH the wait!

First off, the box arrived in beautiful fallout themed packaging. So exciting to pick up from my front garden after missing the delivery person.

fallout crate one1

Just a side note here: This box had travelled to me in the UK from the USA. It is cardboard. It had no protective wrap. It was left outside in the elements. And was delivered by the notoriously bad YODEL. Yet somehow, miraculously, has made it to me with nothing more than some light scratches to the printing.


The Fallout Crate Contents:

Upon. Opening the box I was relieved not to be greeted with the contents card, like many subscription boxes, allowing me to discover the contents myself without any spoilers. The inside of the box is printed with a very lovely Power Armour design, a nice touch.

fallout crate one1


The first thing I noticed was that included in the box was a flipping hoodie! I was expecting a t-shirt if I’m honest, so this was truly a treat. It’s a great hoody, nice and soft. It’s quite subtle in the front with only the vault 101 logo. However on the back is a massive emblem of the Tunnelsnakes gang. And…well… Tunnelsnakes Rule!


There is a vault tech ‘welcome home’ mug featuring a retro pin-up. A gold lapel pin with the lone wonder vault-boy and an extra large mouse mat (how retro!). There is also a very nice art card depicting the moment the Vault-Tec rep first appears in your life pre-apocalypse.


The figures included in this Lootcrate included a ‘Fawkes’ supermutant collectable figurine. Not my favourite character-companion ever, but a nice figure nonetheless.

There is also the first part of the power armour suit figure. Which this time is the helmet and base. The idea is that you will gradually build the whole power armour as the Lootcrate subscription goes on. (Looks like I’ll be a subscriber for a while then -shrug-)

This building figure looks like it might end up being quite large if the head is anything to go by. Very interesting!

Overall… I love this box. It’s quite pricey at $50. However, for that $50 I think that is a good price to pay for something such high quality.

Here is the link to their website if you’re interested (not affiliated, just really like it)

Thank you so much for reading, and let me know if you have this subscription box or anything similar you want to share!

Love, Beccy May.


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