Looking into the new year – 2018 Goals and Ambitions

2018 Goals

It’s time for me to look into the future and set some goals for the year ahead!

Full disclosure: I did write a very lengthy ‘2017 Review’ post before this one. I did not have a very good month in December and I think the negativity drove me to write that post initially. After sleeping on and re-reading that piece, I decided not to make it public. Though the past year was hard, and some of the pressure points remain and will continue into 2018, I REALLY want to start this year as I mean to continue… POSITIVELY!

So here we are. A few goals, aspirations and general musings as we wander into this brand new year!

A more positive outlook on life

This one is a very generalised goal, and as such is hard to quantify! I want to practice more what I preach and look to the positive side more often. This is not to say I will stubbornly ignore the lows life throws my way, but I will endeavour to be completely mindful of everything and look to the bright rather than the dark.

Sounds a bit Hippy-Dippy? Well, yes it is. But I’m ok with that.

2018. year of the Hippy.

My photography

I am determined and desperate to work more on my personal photography. I have got into terrible habits of leaving my camera at home or not bothering to get it out of my bag. This is a mixture of pure laziness and also a touch of the good-ol’ introversion peeking through and ruining my fun!

My camera will be coming with me as often as possible from now on. Benefits will be manifold but will include:

  • Further development and refinement of my own personal style
  • A beefy catalogue of images to utilise in this blogging lark I keep attempting.
  • I’ll get more in-tune with my new camera. Transitioning from Nikon to Olympus has been HARD WORK. A lot more difficult than I was anticipating anyway.
  • Gaining more confidence to brandish my camera without abandon. And to proclaim aloud what my payslip has been telling me for many years now… I AM a photographer!

My wellness

I made a good start last year with my attempt at the Body Coach 90 day SSS plan. Unfortunately, it all crumbled int he third cycle, and I have reverted to eating my feelings. (Which I’m not entirely sure wasn’t essential to surviving December actually!)

I intend to start again with this very soon. Probably when I next get paid so I can do a big shop of Protein powder, coconut water and almond butter without skinting myself.

Alongside this, I will be looking further into improving my mental health and incorporating a little more mindfulness into my life… but I already blathered on about that in the first point so…

More travel?

This is more of a hope than a goal. Because it all depends on situations with family and disposable income levels. I would LOVE to see a bit more of the world in 2018. Even if its just more of the UK, I love visiting new places and seeing new sites.

My sister took me on a fabulous trip to Newcastle last year and this has really got me hankering for more travel. So hopefully, this is something I can do this year. Please?

Media Consumption

Last year, I made a fantastic decision to abandon Facebook and all the absolute RUBBISH that comes with it. I have felt a massive weight lifted, as I no longer feel the urge to check it at every spare moment. I have also not missed the constant stream of adverts, quizzes, unfunny old-people memes (sassy minion, anyone?), guilt and unsolicited political soap-boxing.

I think the breaking point was when I realised that, even when I did see a status update from a real-life friend rather than BuzzFeed or Unilad, it would usually be a link to something depressing asking me not to eat, buy, or watch something specific (usually something I enjoyed, somewhat shamefully). Or even seeing people I genuinely thought were empathetic human beings broadcast their extreme (on either side of the scale) political views with so much bile and hatred to the opposition, without consideration to who their audience may be.

As I wanted to keep my friends as…well friends, I decided it was best I just didn’t expose myself to that kind of harassment.

I will continue with this as I have had no cause to consider returning to Facebook. I will also keep an eye on my other Social media time-drains. Instagram, though my absolute fave, is slowly becoming a paid-advertising hole. I hope it won’t go the way of the facebook. But I shall be ditching quick-sharp if it does!

In terms of other media, I am just going to limit my exposure to biased ‘news’ articles as much as I can. As Tim Ferriss said in ‘The 4hr work week’, If something truly important happens in the world, you will hear about it. (lazy quote/paraphrasing)


That’s all for now!

Thank you very much for reading

Love, Beccy May



2018 Goals


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