Mood Board: Minimal Nail Art (Easy to DIY at home!)

minimalist nail art banner

I really loving minimal nail art at the moment!

Don’t get me wrong, I love piling on the colours and glitter as much as the next person. But right now, as the weather begins to turn, I find myself wanting something more… simple.

Clean, stylish, yet still attention grabbing. Minimal design nails are the perfect fit for any outfit or occasion.

The bonus is, most of these can be achieved easily at home with nothing more than some basic colours, a small paintbrush and a steady hand! Here’s some inspiration for this look that I will definitely be trying out over the next few weeks!

Highlights for me:

These beautiful punctuation nails are a lovely minimal style. can be applied over a plain or coloured base. if you’re a bit unsteady with a nail polish art brush, try using a black fine-tip sharpie instead! just remember to seal it in with a top coat afterwards 😉

If, like me, you are loving the dotted finger tattoos that seem to be everywhere at the moment, but also struggle with commitment issues, then why not try a similar design but on your nails. like this lovely example.


A bit more technical perhaps, you may want to enlist a friend if you struggle on your own, but these nails are so eye-catching! (har har). Once again, nothing wrong with using coloured sharpies!


Still pining for your glitter kick? this design is easy AND minimal. what more do you need?


A little NSFW, but what could be more effective than literally spelling out your mood on your fingertips!


For more minimal nail art ideas, why not have a look at my Pinterest Mooddboard I have created? So much inspiration for simple but effective nail designs that won’t break the bank! Also, I’d love to see any exciting designs you find along the way, share the love!

As always, thank you so much for reading.

Love, Beccy May.



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