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tens sunglasses review

I ordered some new sunglasses from Tens a couple of weeks ago so I thought I’d take this opportunity to do a mini-review and take some pretty product photographs! I’m always after some practice on both of these things sooo. fab. two birds, one stone!

(This is not an affiliated/sponsored post btw. Who do you think I am… some kinda big shot?!)

tens sunglasses review

Tens caught my eye at the end of January while they were having a (fairly aggressive) social media campaign offering two pairs for the price of one. Now… I don’t think I would EVER spend £80 on one pair of sunglasses. I have sat on far too many £2 Primark pairs to know this is a good idea! However, the offer was bringing them to £40 each which was more acceptable to me and my wallet!

My Boyfriend is a lifelong Oakley sunglasses wearer (They are great for eye protection while mountain biking he says. I just think he has expensive taste!) He’s always going on about the importance of proper eye protection so what better time than now to step up my sunglasses game.

The styles offered by Tens were quite varied, yet all very classic. I went for the Cleo and Bailey styles as they would give me enough variety and see me through both holiday fun-times and everyday wear.

The website is packed with incredible imagery. Beautiful people posing in interesting places. Very inspirational! Their branding definitely works, and you want what they have!

‘Ten Times Better’

One of the main draws to Tens was their unique lens colouring. The colour of their lenses is said to make everything look ‘Ten times better’! It is a warm and kind of bright tone you get from looking through these beauties. Think of the colour as your own personal Instagram filter for the world.

From Tens’ own words:

Tens was imagined by three friends during a road trip through the Scottish Highlands. As photographers and filmmakers with a love for adding rich, warm colours to our work, it felt natural to bring this process to the real world. A simple ambition to make everyone’s day look and feel ten times better. –

It takes a little bit of getting used to if you are accustomed to super dark lenses, but rest assured, they still offer all the necessary sun protection you would expect from a quality pair of sunnies.

The quality of the sunglasses is very high too. The frame material feels solid and well put together. They are quite weighty but in a good way. Tens definitely feel high-end rather than cheap and plastic. The packaging is super too. A lovely drawer box which includes your very well wrapped sunglasses, a leaflet with more about the Tens ethos and a soft sunglasses pouch/drawstring thing.

Sun has been lacking recently (Hurry up springtime!) so opportunities to wear the has been slim. However, when I have worn them I can report back that they are in-fact fantastic sunglasses. There is no squinting or screwing up my face when wearing these and they are super comfortable (thanks to the moulded plastic).

Overall I would definitely recommend these to anyone who wants to spend a little more

than usual for some high-quality sunglasses that make the world look amazing!

Customer SERVICE

One thing I do want to mention as part of this review is the absolutely FIRST CLASS customer service I received from Tens. Of course, the design I wanted was immediately out of stock when the buy one gets one free promotion started. Feeling a bit cheeky, I messaged them on Twitter to ask if they would be coming back into stock anytime before the promo ended. They were not.

HOWEVER, the lovely person on their twitter said that they had some of the styles I wanted left at their main office, and if I wanted to order one pair, they would intercept my order and send them out too. And as if by magic, both pairs arrived at my door super fast.

I know this isn’t much for a company to do, but I was completely blown away by their kindness, professionalism and efficiency in this matter that I would now not even hesitate to recommend them to anyone who asks! (and probably loads who didn’t ask too)

So there you have it. Big thumbs up for Tens and their super stylish and beautiful sunglasses.

(Product photo experimentation contained in this post. Olympus OMD EM-5 MKII, Oly 30mm Macro lens, one tripod, and an LED light bank in each hand being flailed around with much abandon by me! Grading and retouching: Adobe Lightroom CC and PS CC)

Thank you so much for reading,

Love, Beccy May.



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