Polymer Clay Detective Pikachu

Polymer Clay Detective Pikachu

This week I have swept aside a bunch of my boring adult responsibilities and decided to get the clay out again! This time: Polymer Clay Detective Pikachu!

Polymer Clay Detective Pikachu

YEARS ago I attempted to use polymer clays to create a little bag ornament for a Labyrinth themed ball I was attending… A cute little Labyrinth worm!

(Here’s the link to that now-ancient post. Please be gentle.)

This was my first steps into sculpting for my own enjoyment. I had done a little bit of 3D art as part of various courses taken throughout school and college, but this was just for me!
I REALLY enjoyed creating this little worm, I found it so satisfying and rewarding to end up with this little treasure at the end of hours of super concentration and improvision.

Fast forward many, many years… Time to try again!
Without going into too many boring details, I have recently found myself with a LOT more time on my hands. Two days extra a week to myself in-fact. Due to… reasons… I am now a three-day working week person.

This had many Pros and MANY cons. The two biggies being…
Pro: So much more time for me to explore my interests, relax and grow as an artistic, crafty being.
Con: Much, much, MUCH less money to spare.

While I adjust to this new way of life and also try and build some sort of additional incomes for myself, I have decided to work my way through my very healthy craft stash.
And believe me… This will keep me going for A LONG TIME.

First up: Polymer clay Detective Pikachu!
Fueled with a heady mixture of Detective Pikachu Movie Hype, Misplaced self-confidence, and many cans of Diet Coke… I began!

What a terrifying journey that was!
I will summarise the steps (as I am only learning and would hate anyone to take this as instruction!)

  1. Make tinfoil balls and and cover in thin layer of clay (this saves clay and makes sure the clay cooks properly later.
  2. Join together and smooth joins
  3. Poke holes for eyes and add little balls of dark eye colour (in the future, I’ll just splash out for glass eyes or ball bearings like other Polymer clay sculptors seem to do… much easier and less horrifying.
  4. Add face features and limbs using simple shapes and building up slowly. reference pictures are helpful for this… maybe even anatomy drawings to get muscle blocks right.
  5. Added contrast colour for tummy fur. Aww.
  6. Also toned down facial expression because… he really needed to chill out.
  7. Added ears, adorable little hat, and a tail. Used a short length of wire to support the tail as it was so thin it would just flop over on it’s own.
Polymer Clay Detective Pikachu

And here he is, ready to bake! I decided to make him a fluffy texture rather that the traditional Pikachu smoothness for two reasons. One, the new film has a fluffy Pikachu, and thats what this fan-art was based on. Two, it covered up my fingerprints, dust and various other mistakes I had made along the way. (I’m still not sure how people get their models so smooth!)

Polymer Clay Detective Pikachu

Here he is out of the oven and mid-paint. I misjudged the heat on my gas oven and ended up burning his little ears πŸ™ but luckily the acrylic paint covered that up nicely. I quite like a bit of a ‘sketchy’ look with my paintings, so I tried adding in some light and shade the way I usually paint by scrubbing the brush about a bit. But I quickly learned that this was not… good. so fine-tuned and re-painted a lot of colours.
I also used some glossy gel in an attempt to make the eyes look less textured and horrible… it ended up looking a bit like he was crying. which is a little heartbreaking!

Polymer Clay Detective Pikachu

Here he is! all painted and cute as a button!
I am not saying he is perfect… I’m not even saying he is good… But I’m so happy with him! For my first attempt at any form of sculpting in years, he really isn’t that bad πŸ™‚

I’m looking forward to many more adventures into the world of clay, but for now I think this is a positive start to the journey!

Thank you very much for reading! Please let me know what you think, and also PLEASE feel free to share any tips or any observations that can help with my progress. I would appreciate that so much πŸ™‚

Love, Beccy May

Polymer Clay Detective Pikachu
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