Scheepjes Hygge CAL 2017 – my first CAL


I’m embracing the fact I only post anything here on-average once a year, with all the promises in the world and then promptly forget to follow up on it.

By the way. This is who I am and I am fine with that!

Also, I’m rubbish at buying coats.

I have spent the last two winters saying I really need to buy myself a snuggly warm winter coat, however I still havent managed. Alas, my body remains cold.

If you’re wondering what this has to do with crochet… hang on, I’m getting to it!

So when I found a beautiful coat in Warehouse I was very pleased with myself. It was below the knee length, black wool with a built in ribbed roll-neck. A perfect half-hearted nod to my (very) half-hearted gothic/emo leanings of the past!

I ordered it direct from Warehouse online, as the shop did not go up to my size (sob) and then sat back and congratulated myself for finally making a commitment.

I know, hang on!

Needless to say, I was emailed a week later to say the coat was no longer in stock and they were issuing me a refund, thank you very much, goodbye.

I was sad… but then promptly forgot about it.

Fast forward a month. casually browsing some craft blogs and I discovered the wonderful Hygge shawl wrap pattern by Scheppjes (designed by Kirsten from Haakmaarraak).

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Love. At. First. Sight!

It’s so beautiful. An amazing hybrid of both crochet and embroidery in 3 different colourways (5 if you count the beautiful Danish Mermaid by Simy’s Studio and the New Girls Night In pack)

I spent almost a whole weekend looking at the Kits on Wool Warehouse, adding the Jewel kit to my basket… taking it out and adding the pastel…then taking it out again. £40 on yarn was seeming far too extravagant for someone who literally has a whole bookcase full of it in my craft room!

Sunday night, I was just about to shrug the whole thing off (terrible pun unfortunately intended) when I remembered… That coat refund went into my Paypal account… and it’s still there!

Five seconds later and I had purchased the Pastel kit and joining the CAL facebook group in a flurry of excitement.

The kit arrived in the post only 2 days later (Cheers, Wool Warehouse!) in plenty of time for me to make my gauge square and practice the embroidery ready for the big kick off on Wednesday.

Gauge. done!
All going well I should have an update on my progress for you soon. I’m pretty confident I won’t stick to the weekly CAL schedule. But whether it be next month or next year, I will do my bestest to finish this!
Thank you so much for reading 🙂
Beccy May




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