Good Vibes and Quiet Times

good vibes

Well… it’s been an age!

This time last year I was re-vamping this blog, ready to commit to ‘making a go of it’ and really focusing on this whole blogger thing.

I did better this year than I have in the past. Believe it or not, I’ve been ‘blogging’ (lol) since 2012. I’ve started numerous times with different intentions… Home and Garden blog, Crochet blog, Lifestyle blog, Advice blog, Photography blog… to name a few.

Posts have been published, revised and deleted away into the ether. All leaving me with… well… not much to show for it!

I tried blogmas this past year. (A post every day in the month of December) Family issues and the resulting stress and lack of motivation ended that rather swiftly.

And now here we are.

My last post, My Digital Detox: How I Was Able To Relax and Re-focus My Digital Life, ended up being one of my most successful posts to date. It could have been my attention to detail or the extra planning and some sneaky SEO that caused this, but in reality, I think it was just very relatable to many of us.

It has the most engagement any of my blog posts (on any platform) have had, and the sentiment was repeated back to me. Basically, Facebook sucks, the internet is great, and we all feel a little tired out from our online social commitments.

Since that post, I have endeavoured to practice what I preach and just… stop.

If something is annoying me… I won’t look at it. I have turned notifications off on my messaging apps (if there is an emergency, people can text or call. everything else can wait) and I have pretty much, 99.99% abandoned Facebook.

Life is good 🙂

I also completed a 10+ year dream of going on a Spanish beach holiday recently. This may not seem like much of a dream for some, but when money is not growing on trees you really do appreciate treats like this.

We spent a glorious week in Ibiza, in San Antonio. It was wonderful, hot, and filled with relaxed hippie vibes. It sounds so silly but the trip reminded me that the world is very large, and life is very short. So maybe, just maybe, it might be time to start thinking about a longer adventure. Watch this space!

So, as I am now renewing my domain and hosting for another year, I feel like the pressure is well and truly off. Yes, my Amazon affiliate accounts have all elapsed due to inactivity. And yes, I have spent more money than I have made on this blog. But hey-ho, that’s the way it goes sometimes!

As for the future, who knows! I really do enjoy jotting down the odd thing on this here blog, so I’ll continue to do so. Never fear! 😉 Right now, however, I’m off to go sit in a quiet room and read a book.

Until next time, thank you for reading 🙂

Love, Beccy May


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